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Saturday, 10 March 2012

It is starting to look like a blanket!

I thought I would check in and show the progress of my first granny square blanket. So excited it is starting to look like a blanket....but I have soooo many more squares to do.....will it ever end?

Here is my basket of yarn love.

Here are some finished blocked and not blocked squares. I am randomly picking out colours from the same seven balls of yarn. The last two rows of each granny square are always white. The great thing is I had all this yarn in my stash. So far I have only had to buy one extra ball of white.

And finally here is some squares joined together. I had a bit of trouble at first, but with some friendly help from You-Tube, I got the hang of it. Again, I am randomly grabbing a square to be joined, just making sure no identical squares are beside each other.

For some reason my picture won't download. You will have to just come back tomorrow to see the beginnings of a blanket and not just squares. But how will you sleep? I know...I know...but you will just have to wait.

One more thing. I think I have a problem. I want to begin another blanket. Like now. right away. The yarn is calling my name. It is even living in its own basket ready to be touched. I can't! I must finish this blanket, before my next. is so hard.

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