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Thursday, 4 October 2012

I'm Back!!!!!!

Hey everyone! So sorry for my absence....but I am back now. and boy...oh boy, have I been knitting up a storm. I don't want to overload we will begin small and progress from there. I have missed this little blog of mine. Afterall, who is going to care about my projects if not for you? Who else wants to see unfinished knitting and crocheting items? Who else won't judge me on my obsession of buying and storing yarn? I know you won't....that is why I am back.

This is my new colour that I am in love with for fall. A customer ordered my Canuck scarf in fig. Love the the colour.....

I can't wait to show you more new items on my shop, ideas in the works, patterns I have written and found, new shops that I just have to give you the links for......and so much more. We can talk about knitting all day, right?   Although, I have to go and start dinner.....

See you later and have a lovely evening....feels good to be back.

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