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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Organizing my little one's work space

Besides knitting.....I love to organize! Before children I was the type of gal who labeled my label maker. But three kids later...I had to let go. (Just a tad). Recently I reorganized a lot of my house and boy is it working! I thought I would share with my lovely readers.

Here is my little girl's work space:

This is tucked neatly in the corner of the kitchen. I purchased the table from Homesense a few years ago, along with the white, framed cork board. Now she can pin things that are important to her.

This bin is from Michaels. I labeled it homework caddy and it can be on the big table while the kids are doing work. It holds things like a calculator, scissors, pencils....

Here she is 'encouraged' to file her belongings in the slots. It is keeping her from 'piling' stuff on her table and having  trouble when she can't find something. She is an art and crafts mad woman, and this table looks like a hurricane past over it every night BUT it only takes us a few minutes to get everything back since everything has a home. Everything else should be in the garbage.  I house her arts and crafts supplies in a low down cupboard so she can get everything herself.

Thanks for looking!

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