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Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Welcome to the very first post of my very first blog. Follow my journey into my knitting madness and all the projects, amazing yarns and finished and (unfinished) items that I hope to show.

Last December I opened up my own knitting shop on Etsy called Grizzlie. It has a Canadian spin as we need to keep warm for too many months of the year. I have loved knitting for Grizzlie and all my customers. It is wonderful to think something I made is keeping someone warm. I have also loved knitting the little wedding pillows, knowing that they were part of someone's big day. Knitting has brought so much joy to my life....I am very grateful that it is part of it. I hope this blog communicates that.

Recently I learned to crochet which has also been a goal of mine. Oh no....another addiction. Today I posted my first crocheted piece on Grizzlie. I like the colour and how it turned out.

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