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Friday, 22 February 2013

Meet "Jewels"

One of the projects I completed (insert clapping) was a bunny. I woke up one day and thought today I would like to knit a bunny. I hope these moments happen to other people....I would hate to think I am alone in these crazy knitting thoughts. So after going on the web searching for the perfect bunny pattern I came across  and found Julies's Robert and Rosie Rabbit pattern. I went into the stash and found three balls of Martha Stewart Craft's Alpaca Blend in Buttermilk. Even saying the name Buttermilk makes my heart beat a little faster in excitement. My sweet bunny only took a few days to make while I sat next to my little girl suffering from a bad cold, who was going to be her new mama. When she was done, my little one named her Jewels. She choose the colours of her soon to be dress and a star was born. This pattern was easy to follow and so much fun to do. The details of my changes and progress are on my Raverly page (Grizzlieknits)

And here she is in all her glory....

Such a sweet face.....

You might like Lovefibres blog Julie is busy using up her stash for charities....she is making some really cute things.

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