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Thursday, 21 February 2013

This and That

Life sure is cold here. You can't go out without a shiver and a sniff. Crazy! My poor doggie hates this weather. Speaking of my cute 7 year old pup.....

I love this guy. I also love the guy next to him....but doggie love is very special. I could stare at this picture all day.

What do Canadians do in the depths of winter you ask? Ski. What do I do in the depths of winter you ask? Knit. (Also do that in the heat of the summer)

I have finished these adorable pants for a newborn. The design was quick and everything just came together without any bother. Love when that happens. The best news is I used yarn from my stash. I am trying so hard to do that.....
This is now in my Etsy shop ( 

I am trying to finish some projects that I have abandoned. Three blankets ( read that right). One is going to be a pattern for sale and I think it may just be up a beginner knitters alley. Simple, clean, easy blanket that has visual interest. And I am using cotton!

               I wasn't here for Valentines day but hope you shared it with someone special....

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