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Friday, 16 December 2011

A Bunting!!!!!

I love buntings.....don't know why. To me they scream "Let's enjoy....let's celebrate."  I have always wanted to make my own (knit style of course).  So what do I do knee deep in orders, wrapping gifts, getting ready for the holidays???? I begin a bunting of course!  Hey, a girl has to have some fun right? So I walked into my personal yarn shop, otherwise known as the closet. And I found the perfect colours for this bunting of mine. So far I have two little flag pieces. I knit the triangle and crocheted the edges. So much fun!!!!  We will see where this goes. Now I have 3 projects on the go. The crochet blanket, the sky scarf, and now my bunting.....Can't start anything new....can't start anything new.....maybe if I write it, I will stick to it. Doubt it.

For those of you who are wondering how my doggie is, he spent an hour at our holistic vet yesterday. He had many potions and syrups, and even acupunture to help his digestive system. I am cooking for him meals of potatoes, turnips and ginger. I hope he is on the mend, poor little guy.

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