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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Last Rainbow Post (I promise)

Well you might have not been sleeping at night in anticipation of the Rainbow Scarf saga. Did the little girl like it? How did it look in the end? Well here it is......

The little girl did like it. She liked it so much she asked where the matching hat was? (Oh my....I do feel sorry for her future husband). Anyway, I quickly made up a little hat to match.

Please do not look too closely at the attempt of a crocheted flower. I had such trouble following the pattern I had, in the end I winged it. I have so much to learn in the crochet world.....and it wasn't all going to happen last night at 10:00.  If you look real hard you can even see waffle crumbs. Why? Little girl loved it so much she wore it to breakfast. She thought the flower was beautiful.

So here it is. So glad it is over. Have you ever had a project you were glad to be finished with? But I have to say, when she walked into school this morning all decked out in it and her favourite teacher said, "Hi Rainbow girl" the look on her face was all worth it.

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