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Thursday, 8 December 2011


My little girl is all about rainbows lately. She comes home from school and changes into her rainbow dress, rainbow tights and puts 5 headbands in her hair. So I wasn't shocked when she asked me to make her a rainbow scarf. At first it sounded easy....just get yarn the colours of the rainbow and start. Boy, was I wrong. To find the exact shades was a bit of a challenge. And of course the yarn had to be soft. But what about all those ends??? I don't mind so much sewing them in, but on a scarf it could get messy looking. After some research and a long think, I came up with the idea to do it long ways so the ends can desolve into tassely sort of things. The only yarn that I found with the exact rainbow colours was an acrylic. I wanted to do it with cotton, but a more chunkier look. So far I am really pleased with this type of acrylic which is having a cotton sort of feel.

Because I am new to the world of crochet I once again went on YouTube to watch a video on single crochet. There are amazing videos out there for those who want to learn.....

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