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Friday, 9 December 2011

Rainbow Scarf the second

Well.....little girl came home yesterday, took one look at my lovely red beginning of the rainbow scarf and said it was not what she had in mind. She is five. I thought her mind was full of dolls and ways of tourmenting her brothers. I didn't realize fashion was also floating around in there. She told me she wanted a scarf that was a circle. I have been wearing my Canuck Twister in True Red around town this week and she really likes it. A circle scarf is amazing for kids as there are no ends to come loose and no knots to be made near a childs neck. So I began again..........
I am soooo loving making this crazy scarf. Crocheting is so neat and tidy.....and I haven't worked with bright colours in a long time. Already my head is in a spin and some other things I would like to make celebrating beautiful colurs!

Have a colourful weekend!

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